merge of duplicate items : show tags and categories

Hello, I'm just working my way though a rather long list of duplicates. I think that most of the duplicates are existing because of small differences in the reference (title etc), and often I had put them into different collections and have also given different tags. I know that during merging tags and collections of both copies are retained, however I would like to check before merging if this is coherent. As after merging these items disappear from the duplicates list, I have to write the reference on a paper (or copy and paste somewhere), go back to the whole list, find the reference and check the categories and tags. Therefore I would much appreciate if the tags and/ or collections could be shown in the "Merge items" panel. Thanks for perhaps considering this suggestion.
  • You can select a single item in the Duplicates view by holding down the Alt/Option key.

    If you want to inspect an item after it’s been merged, go to your main library view and sort by the Date Modified column.
  • Thanks for these tips, I had missed holding down the ALT key. This helps quite a lot.
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