abstract is not added while adding citations in bulk from google scholar.

dear friends,

please let me know it anyone can help on this, i am trying to download the citation in bulk from google scholar but zotero is not copying it's abstract, remaining things are adding up. While doing it one by one it does add abstract also. kindly help in this regard.

  • Google Scholar does not have abstracts in its metadata, so you won’t ever get them when importing from google scholar (and the metadata are often poor in other ways too, so I don’t recommend exporting from Google Scholar as a general rule).
  • can you please guide me about those research databases that have abstracts in metadata???

  • Normally, just clicking through to articles you're interested in and importing from the publisher works particularly well.

    Disciplinary databases like PubMed are often very good. If you have access through your institution, both Scopus and Web of Science have abstracts.
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