is there a way to delete all entries in my library?

I only have an online Web Zotero library. It is old and I haven't used it in a while. I would like to delete the contents and upload a new export of an Endnote Library. Trying to avoid duplicates. Is it possible to delete all references at once? Otherwise I have to go through page by page in Zotero for 3000 entries or so.
  • Install Zotero on your computer and set up syncing. You don't want to use the web library for things like this.
  • ok, thank you. is it possible to delete all entries without scrolling page by page from the installed zotero?
  • Yes, of course. There are no pages in the local Zotero — it's just an items list. If you're doing any sort of real work with Zotero, you want to be using the local program.
  • ok thank you. I just selected all and hit the delete key on my local Zotero. And am now forcing a sync to overwrite the online library. It looks like it worked! thank you.
    Is there any other key to delete? I guess the delete key is as good as any! thanks for your help.
  • The Delete key is how you do it.

    Note that while it's fine to overwrite the online library, it wasn't necessary — Zotero will automatically sync the changes you make. It's just like if you had deleted a single item by hand, which would obviously cause that item to be deleted online.
  • oh, that's good to know. thank you so much. I really appreciate your time in answering my questions!
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