Update permission not granted, original question

Hello world!

I could not benefit from an already thread on the topic; so here is my problem.

The update process is blocked due to permissions not granted.

How can I fix it?

Additional info and reasons why I did not benefit from previous threads.

Zotero is installed in my Ubuntu; all the files are now in



I saw in the previous thread that usually users have their zotero.desktop at

this is not my case (and I do not know why).

I am using an machine that is of the office where I work; this means that I have the priviledge of super user, but I do not know exactly everything about the installation, some investigation might be needed, in case.

Can anybody help with this?

Some log about my attempts:

It is important because I lost a lot of time and actually partially my database, trying to fix this permission issue by:

- navigating with nautilus for a unique Zotero folder: I found it, but without all the installation files there were in the installation tarball.

-using the terminal and running the updater of Zotero (that was not in the unique folder) and it did not answer anything (nothing happened, as the command has not been given).

- trying to re-install Zotero (and here I made the mistake of copying just the source folder disregarding sqlite, because I did not want to duplicate further Zotero files). It did not work.
  • Note that we don't provide the Snap package and don't provide any support for it. The only officially supported version on Linux is the tarball from the download page, which uses an internal updater. If you're using a third-party package, it wouldn't use the built-in updater.
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