Site-Spefic Quick Copy

The site-specific quick copy is VERY neat, but:
(1) it doesn't appear to be documented that you drag/drop references
(2) the quick-copy keyboard shortcut (ctrl-alt-c by default) doesn't honor it (only drag/drop does)
  • Well, in that pref pane it does mention both pressing a shortcut key and dragging items to a text box on a web page... Is there something else you think should be in there?

    Having the shortcut key not trigger the site-specific format may have been a conscious decision on my part (maybe so that there was always a way to generate the default?), but following the site setting would probably make more sense. I'll create a ticket.
  • Sorry--you're right. I just missed the drag-drop instructions. If site-specific settings only apply to one Quick Copy method, it'd be nice if it said as much.

    But it'd be nice to have some keyboard shortcut that obeyed site-specific settings.

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