RIS imports not recognized

Hello...I've been trying to do batch imports from various databases, saving as RIS files...after I drag and drop it into a Zotero folder, when I try to double click and extract the citations, I get the following message: Application not found. The file destination also references my C drive and Zotero storage...any ideas?? Never had a problem with RIS before.

  • Not sure if that's the issue, but you wouldn't drag&drop RIS to Zotero -- that imports it as if it were an article, not metadata. Use the "Import" option from the menu instead.
  • Thanks Adam...that did work for me. I seem to recall in a previous version that you could drag and drop the RIS file into a specific folder, and then click to extract the citations into that folder (but maybe I'm remembering incorrectly?)

    In any case, thanks for your prompt reply.

  • No, that has never existed. You can use import from clipboard to import into the currently selected collection and I think import has the option to use the current collection.
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