Retrieve Better Bibtex citekeys

As as result of some unfortunate maneuvers I have lost my BBT citekeys. Essentially, my .zotero folder was erased (I am running under Ubuntu 20.04) and I restored Zotero from a backup of my Zotero folder. As a result, I have all of my references and attachments, but not the citekeys. Zotero does not recognize that BBT is installed, nor my other extensions.

Is there any way that I can tell Zotero to use the BBT database, and hopefully recover the citekeys? Failing this, what would be the best way to reinstall BBT? If I do reinstall BBT, will it use the old database files? I do have access to the old .Zotero file if there is anything in there that could help,

  • You'll need BBT for this. I'd open a github issue on that project to get help from the developer, her prefers to troubleshoot on github -- that's particularly true for the question about using the old BBT database file, which I don't know the answer to.
  • Simply installing BBT did the job.
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