How do I get numbered in-text citations with the Harvard Style?

How do I get numbered in text citations (with no author name and year) with the full references in Harvard Style? Can someone please help? It is for an assignment
  • It's not clear what that means. "Harvard Style" refers to a style using author and date in parentheses in the text as a citation, so numbered in-text citations in Harvard style are an oxymoron. How are citations and references supposed to look specifically (provide examples)?
  • It is mentioned that the references should be in the Harvard Style with numbered in text citations. In that case, is it possible that I could include the number along with the author and date in the parenthesis?
  • I really can't tell you what this means; as written, it makes no sense and I've never seen it. There are no examples provided?
  • oh, really? Even I was really confused about this style. Unfortunately, no examples are provided. I think it would be best if I directly email my prof about it. Thanks a lot! :)
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