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Hello Everyone :)

During the last few years I used Zotero to organize my study projects - recently i finished my master thesis project and oh wow, withput Zotero I could have never succeeded in doing this.
This program is amazing.

Like all things in life everything has an end. Uni is done.
I had a 60$ Zotero plan going which I now plan to cancel.

I want to keep the documents that I collected over the years.
Especially all the PDFs.
Is there a possibility to safe them in the order in which they are organized now in Zotero?
How can I manage to keep the data structure that I am now so familiar with?

I do not need to sync anything anymore - I just want to keep the files (PDF).
In my imagination I would like to transfer them into one giant windows folder, that has subfolders according to the zoero structure that I am using at the moment.

Is this possible?
How to best unplug a Zotero Bib while having a restricted local access to the files?

For any answers I am more than grateful.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to the Zotero community!! This is a brillant project.

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    Just cancel your storage subscription and disable file syncing in the Sync preferences. Zotero stores everything on your computer. You don't need a storage subscription to keep all your files in Zotero locally.
  • Hehe - that was much easier than I expected.
    kind of obvious :D

    thanks so much!!
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