zotero moves citations and deletes text

I've been using zotero in a google doc with no problems until yesterday. It began mis-formatting updated citations in the IEEE style by adding extra brackets, e.g. [34]], and sometimes deleting spaces in the document. It would claim I "edited" them on the next refresh and ask me if I wanted to keep the changes. I said no, it would fix those, but then start messing up others in the same way.

I restarted everything and tried again. Same thing. Then I switch the style to APA to see if that would clear things up. Now it has moved citations to mid sentence, deleted text, and kept the old ones. For example, one section now reads:

"Researchers have outlined a number (Jansen et al., 2015)ossible benefits of data (Willett et al., 2017)icalizatio(Thudt et al., 2017, 2018)ng in “making data accessible,” “bringing data into the real world,” “engaging people,” [34], “support[ing] collocated collaboration” [83] and encouraging reflection [73], [74(Willett et al., 2017)s well as ways that situated methods of representing data may be beneficial, i(Claes & Vande Moere, 2013)ding “allow[ing] viewers to examine and extract additional information not present in the dataset itself” [83] and leveragin(D’Ignazio & Klein, 2016, 2020)ical environment’s “potential to act as an information-carrying medium” [13]. "

Both the APA and IEEE citations are still link (I can "edit with zotero"). This has happened throughout the paper and as you can imagine is causing quite the issue.
  • Does it work well if you make a copy of the document (via the File menu)? If it doesn't, does it work well if you only keep a single chapter (or similar) of the document? If it does not, could you share the cut-down snippet of the document with support@zotero.org?
  • It still did not work if I made a copy of the document via the file menu. It also seemed to have propagated to impact the whole document at that, not only one paragraph or chapter.

    I ended up using "History" to go back to an earlier version. This lost me a lot of other edits, unfortunately. But I was able to find the problematic paragraph where the issue seemed to have started, delete and re-do it, and then move forward with a somewhat stable version.

    If it's helpful to share the doc still lmk. It was definitely not ideal to have to do so much undoing and redoing to get things working again, especially on a time crunch. I don't think I did anything particularly weird in the document--there were quite a few (~90) citations so the refresh was slow but seemed to work okay. The section that started it all had a number of quotes and citations mixed densely together, so maybe that caused some weird interaction?
  • If you can isolate the problematic paragraph from the rest of the document and still reproduce the problem please share it with support@zotero.org. If it's our bug we need to fix it, although Google Docs document corruption is a thing (even if relatively rare).
  • I'm experiencing the exact same problem with Zotero on a Google Doc after changing the style. Citations are moved to mid sentence, text is deleted, old format of citations are kept in document. Then on refresh complains about everything being modified. I go back to a previous version but if I try to change style again problem persists.
  • Please see my posts above. If you can isolate a problematic part of the document, or even cut it down after style change and still see the problem, please share it with support@zotero.org
  • @lperovich @daniel%2Emyall Ok, I've managed to reproduce this bug. A fix will be out for the Google Docs update breakage within the next 24 hours. Sorry for the trouble!
  • @lperovich @daniel.myall: This is now fixed. Reload the Google Docs page to get the updated version.
  • Works again for me now, thank you!
  • Yes, is working correctly now, thanks!
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