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I am creating a .csl style using the visual editor for the non-English journal and I have problem with page number format where the page style is the abbreviated format. (e.g. pp. 214-20 instead of 214-220).

I've found similar discussion to this topic: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/3603/citation-styles-problem-with-page-numbering-format but in my case, the specific item in the Zotero library has proper page format (214-220).

Thanks for the help.

  • So you want 214-220 or you want 214-20 in the output?
  • Sorry for the inaccuracy. I want output to be in longer (214-220) format.
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    Usually that is set in the 2nd line of the style with "page-range-format="value"". Delete that completely and it will giv eyou full page ranges.
    Or for the Visual Editor, you'll find that under "Global Formatting Options".
  • Thank you, it's working perfectly now.
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