Bibliography formatting in Blackboard Blog

I have tried everything from the quick copy to HTML, clipboard, pasting into a Blackboard blog, pasting the HTML text into the blog's HTML screen, etc.

When text is initially pasted, everything is in a non-serif/Arial font. The formatting is fine.

The major problem is that if I try to change entered text to Times New Roman, italicized text (book titles and journals) remain as Arial or a non-serif font.

If I view the quick copy created HTML in a browser, there is no problem. The formatting is fine. If I copy text from the viewed HTML or the HTML from the source, that is when problems occur in Blackboard.

I suspect that there is some kind of problem taking place with the HTML in Blackboard.
  • This wouldn't be a Zotero issue, so you'd have to ask in a Blackboard forum. The HTML generated by Zotero has no styling attached — just the basic spacing/indentation required by the style.
  • I have a related question: Does Zotero have a plug-in or add-on feature for LMS' like Canvas or Blackboard?
  • No, there's no LMS integration for Zotero.
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