Problem with either LibreOffice Writer, Zotero, or the connector

Hello everyone.

I encountered the following and would like to seek assistance in analysis:

I did some work in a LibreOffice Writer document, including a table. The table had some text and two references inserted by Zotero 5.0.88 from the Writer addon. I had the document open all day, saved it every now and then and at the end of the day I closed it. When I re-opened it the next day, I found the table containing a lot of zeros instead of my text! Now when I replace one of the zeros with text, save and re-open, the text is gone again and replaced again with a zero.

It is interesting that the first column is completely intact, the second column has two rows intact, one with citation and one without, one of the zeros in the broken rows in the second column is a reference to the other citation, and the third (last) column has only zeros. The rest of the document is okay.

I also noted that my formatting in the table (some rows had strike-through) got lost every time I inserted a citation.

Where should I start here? I can supply the document, the error is reproducible, what is the preferred way to do so?

I am using Manjaro Linux with Gnome.

Please help me find the problem.

  • As the problem might be LibreOffice Writer related, I also opened a bug there. You can grab the files there.
  • If you encountered this in a document where you never used Zotero, this almost certainly has nothing to do with Zotero. Zotero doesn't do anything to the document when you're not actively using one of its functions.
  • @dstillman Thanks! Is that 100% sure? I still have the Zotero extension loaded but yes, as written over there at Documentfoundation, I can (kind of) reproduce the error with a fresh document where I never clicked one of the Zotero buttons. If "not clicking one of the buttons" ensures Zotero does nothing, this is not caused by Zotero, yeah. Might still be something with the connector (propably on Writer side then) or inserting references as this formatting issue was very clearly connected to adding citations...
  • You can confirm for yourself — if you can reproduce this reliably enough, you can just disable or temporarily uninstall the Zotero extension in LibreOffice and try to reproduce in a fresh document.
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