Zotero - LibreOffice - could not create Java implement loader - Error ID 1005774109

Hello, I saw that there was another thread about this from June 16 but I couldn't find any useful answer from it. It seems to be a recurrent problem about Libre Office.
Could you explain me clearly how to fix it ?

I use Windows 10 Family (18363.959 version).
I installed the latest version of Zotero i could find (5.0.89), the latest java version (8.0.2610.12) and the latest Libre Office also (6.4.5).

I uninstalled them, reinstalled them. I tried to do it automatically, or manually from the .oxt file but it failed every time. The mesage error is : "could not create Java implement loader". LibreOffice also tells me that this extension is already installed when I try to install it... but i have no Zotero option avalaible. The ID report is 1005774109.

Java is enable on my computer. So... I don't get it, and I will need it very soon.

Thank you for helping me or redirect me to a clear step by step to correct that bug.
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