Cascading Citation Styles

edited 18 days ago
Is there a way to set a style for a legal case if my style doesn't have a defined pattern for legal cases? In a sense, if I want to borrow a format from another style for a particular itemType can I do that?
  • Of course you can. You'd need to modify the citation style though.

    For instructions how to get started, but you can ask here if you run into trouble.
  • So I could copy the format from one stylesheet to another, but I can not set one stylesheet to reference another one in some cases. Is that correct?
  • That's correct, yes. juris-m does have essentially that concept (which is necessary because of the endless complexity of legal citations especially if you want to handle multiple jurisdictions) but I think the current view in CSL is that the benefits are not worth the significant additional conceptual complexity. So definitely not currently possible and I'd say unlikely to be added in the foreseeable future.
  • @hughp3 if you are doing legal citations, I definitely recommend you look into Jurism’s modular legal citation system. It will give much better results than regular CSL will.
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