Zotfile : behaviour when renaming and moving an attachment when existing in target folder

I'm using Zotfile 5.0.16 in Zotero 5.0.88 in a windows 10 system.
I'm using the "Rename Attachment" often, to rename and move the pdf file which the web importer just had created (thanks to dstillman :-) . This works just great. However, when the file is already existing in the target directory (for example I had already a preprint version), Zotfile does not complain but does rename the new file stragenly.
For example the existing file was named "Author.2020.pdf", and Zotfile recognized that this was the name that should be created for the moved file. The resulting file name was "Author.22.pdf", but the link in the Zotero database still showed "Author.2020.pdf

I would not have expected this behaviour, but I don't quite know what I would have preferred :
a) a warning ? perhaps with an option to overwrite ?
b) an automatic renaming by adding some letters, e.g. "Author.2020.b.pdf" or "Author.2020.new.pdf" ?
c) a) with two options : overwrite or rename otherwise in some specified fashion.

Thanks for considering a different behaviour than the one actually performed.

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