Update of Citation Infos

Hi guys,

I recently switched from Endnote to Zotero and I'm missing an Endnote function, which I used a lot and would like to know if there is something similar possible in Zotero.

In Endnote it was possible to update the information of a paper, e.g. the Issue or the volume, which are sometimes not available (online ahead of printing) when I add them to my library.
Is there an easy way to do this in Zotero if, for example, the DOI is already available?

  • This feature is being worked on for a future version. For now, the fastest way is to copy the DOI to the Add by Identifier (magic wand) tool to make a new item, then merge the two items.
  • Thanks for your fast answer bwiernik! This workaround seems to be a little inconvenient when you have a lot of references to update. But okay, then I need some patience for the promised future version.
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