Saving catalog URLs alongside bibliographic info. from university catalog

For ease of access later on I'd like to save the catalog URL alongside the bibliographic data for a text, when browsing and saving from the catalog online. Right now, I do this by saving the entry and then copying the catalog URL into the "Extra" field.

However, I have hundreds of texts to do this with and would be glad for an option to force the saving of bibliographic information to incorporate the catalog URL. Does such an option exist? Or might I accomplish something similar via another route?
  • Some catalogs will do this automatically and add the link as a link attachment in Zotero -- which catalog are you using primarily?

    Are you aware of the "Locate" function in Zotero? that might substitute for this nicely without the need to add something into the data itself

  • I'm using mainly the catalog from Columbia University Libraries,

    (I just added in the Columbia OpenURL. Unfortunately, it doesn't take you to the catalog entry for the item in question—the URL for which, since I've had trouble locating items via the search function in the past, is what I am hoping to attach to the entry in Zotero.)

    (As an aside, I noticed that the OpenURL field doesn't strip leading spaces, so if you enter " https://..." the Locate function won't work. If it doesn't go against any design principles, it might be helpful to include space stripping.)
  • To follow-up, really what I'm hoping to do is to get Zotero to capture all of the information on catalogs pages—e.g.,

    Right now, I have to manually enter the bookmark URL, the language, and the number of pages, among other information.
  • Ah, we should be able to do better there, yes. I've asked the colleagues at Columbia a couple of questions about the catalog, should be able to improve this once they get back to us.
  • Thanks so much!
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    Just wanted to follow-up on this thread. I spent about an hour and a half today and yesterday copying URLs from item pages like the one linked above to Zotero and would love to avoid this in the future.

    It seems like Zotero consistently saves only the title, author, date, and publisher, ignoring all other useful information, like language and catalog link and, where available, source URL.

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