How to change the storage directory structure to a plain one?

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I paid for the zotero cloud service and I have some workflow with emacs to search and annotate pdfs.

However, the storage in zotero is a little cumbersome and hard to identify which pdf I'm looking for because each pdf is contained in a subdirectory with some random and obscure ID.

For example, I currently have something like this

~/Zotero/storage/[RANDOM ID]/AUTHOR - YEAR - TITLE.pdf

I would like to know if I could change my whole library to

~/Zotero/storage/AUTHOR - YEAR - TITLE.pdf

But without losing my pdfs in the zotero cloud service.

How could I do that?

Thanks for your help.
  • No. That's Zotero internal directory and you can't change it.

    But you can 1) access files through Zotero, including (depending on your OS and apps) dragging files directly from Zotero to other programs and 2) set up a virtual folder in your OS to show all PDFs within the data directory, which will give you exactly the sort of flat list you're looking for.
  • Thanks dstillman. I think that I am going to create a virtual folder to access my pdfs.

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