Zotero developer (un-)conference (or perhaps a Zotero (un-)conference)

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Hello all,

Would there be interest in running a (virtual) Zotero (un-?)conference? To me, both a general Zotero conference as well as a Zotero developer conference would be of interest.

The developer conference could feature contributions from the most active developers, e.g. doing an introduction to common plugins, maybe talk a bit about the Zotero roadmap?

However, there could also be a general Zotero conference, where users showcase specific use cases or other cool things they are doing with Zotero? There could also be workshops as part of that.

What do people think? (If there's broader interest, I'd be happy to lead the organisation of it - say eventbrite, stream to youtube, that sort of thing).
  • I've been told that I'm decent at doing presentations, but I rate doing them as just slightly less terrifying than a dentist visit. I wouldn't know what to talk about, really -- I've cobbled together a decent working knowledge of the Zotero internals, but that's not terribly well organized.
  • Thanks for the message @emilianoheyns! It might also not be about doing presentations - it could be a bunch of webchats around certain themes... doesn't have to be modelled on academic-style conferences.
  • Webchats I'm fine with.

    I hardly ever do academic-style conferences these days, but I inescapably treat every presentation I do like one.
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    @bjohas You might look at https://improvingpsych.org conference for an example of a structure that might work.
  • @bjohas I love the idea! I'd be happy to participate, and to hear more about what others are doing with Zotero, what they have learnt, etc. If the Zotero devs were on board and able to share a bit about their plans, that'd be even more awesome.
  • "Subversive pleasures: the monkey patch"
  • "Subversive pleasures: the monkey patch" :)

    Thanks for input - let me loop back with the Zotero users on our side. I might just pick a date and then advertise it - give me a few days to get this sorted.

    In the meantime, feel free to add other ideas for talks - offering or requesting.

    @dlesieur - something on Kerko?

    I could contribute something on how the EdTech Hub is using Zotero/Zenodo (from a non-technical side, e.g. talking about research transparency).

    We could also talk about the command-line tools (@emilianoheyns helped start this, and we've had some other devs working on this too.)

    Any other requests for talks or offers for sessions?
  • Coming to think of it, I wouldn't mind a session on the Elektron transition or perhaps to Zotero roadmap in general? @danstillman - would you be up for this or would you want to nominate somebody?
  • @bjohas, yes, I would be happy to present Kerko!
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