Get attachment filename from Zotero API

API noob question. I'm using the wonderful ZotPress plugin to show bibs and offer downloads of public papers.

The filename ZotPress gives its downloads is something like download-%Itemid%.pdf. This is not helpful for anyone. My wish: a) Use the original filename, or b) something custom like firstauthor_year.pdf, whichever is easiest to implement.

Kate Seaborn doesn't seem to be in a position currently to deal with feature requests so I'm looking through the code myself. I get PHP and HTML but haven't worked with the Zotero API. Wondering if anyone can give me a hand... Thanks for your time!
  • Better to post API questions to zotero-dev — we try to keep technical discussions there.

    'filename' is a property for attachment items.
  • Just an update for future reference: ZotPress does now present downloads with their original attachment filename.
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