Bibliography generation

i am at the end of a 100 hundred pages work and i need to add a bibliography at the end. these 100 hundred pages consisting of two chapters combined together. previously these separate chapters had bibliographies at their own end. before combining these two, i have deleted their bibliographies and tried to add a bibliography to the new combined document. However, whenever i click on add bibliography, word gets unbelievably slow and bibliography does not appear. i am still waiting and it has been 25 minutes and still zotero is doing something with my word document without producing anything.

hope you can help me on this
  • and now it does not add footnotes either
  • If it's still doing something, keep waiting. It can take a while.
  • after more than an hour this is what i get et the end of my document:


    No bibliography
  • It could still be processing. You can go to Help → Debug Output Logging → View Output in Zotero to check whether things are still happening (and, if not, restart Zotero and Word and try again with that window open).
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