Microsoft Word Plug-in: Quick Format shortcuts

Hello, all -

I was glad to find the various keyboard shortcuts for Quick Format (to which I have just moved, after always using Classic View).

However, I have not been able to select the Locators menu without manually clicking on it. One should be able to tab to it, no? But repeated tabs just cycle around the other fields, but never select that menu.

What might I be doing wrong?

Thank you for any advice.

  • That should just work with tab -- the first tab goes to the selection menu for locator type (through which you can then scroll using arrow keys), the second one to the field to type the locator value. Which Zotero version, which operating system?
  • @ZenonMarko: If this is a Mac, you need to enable full keyboard access (these days: "Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls") in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts. (This is a system-wide setting, not something specific to Zotero.)
  • @adamsmith I am using the latest beta (5.0.89-beta.7+7f92220ef) in latest Mac Microsoft Word, in OS Mojave with all updates.
  • @dstillman Thank you! That did the trick.

    One more issue I have noticed which persists, however: Whenever I do use the Locator menu to select a Locator, I can no longer use the "Enter" key to dismiss the Zotero dialogue box. "Enter" key takes me out of the Cite Options pop-up window, as expected. Another "Enter" should accept the red Citation dialogue, but will not work in this case; it works fine if I have not used the Locators menu.

    So in such cases (where I have used the Locator menu, whether through the keyboard shortcut or manually), I must subsequently manually click in the red Cite Options window; only then will "Enter" accept the result. Unfortunately this means I still cannot do the entire entry from the keyboard. Any thoughts on this appreciated.
  • I've created a ticket for citation dialog keyboard usability. This probably won't get addressed immediately, but we will get to it eventually.
  • @adomasven Excellent. Thank you.
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