Hover over citations to see linked article in Google docs?

I posted this on another thread, but realized it probably deserved its own.

I am using zotero with GoogleDocs. It's mostly pretty good, but one drawback of using the "Nature" style is that now I have to actually click on the number and then on the "Edit with Zotero" button to see what citation is linked, if I haven't yet made a bibliography. What would be super useful (I think paperpile does this) is to be able to hover over a number and have the linked article pop up. Seems like it should be pretty straightforward with a cached dictionary of number --> articles in the browser? Any plans to do this? This would be a huge improvement in user experience.
  • This could be done, but is not entirely trivial at all. As a workaround while writing you can use APA or similar author-date citation style to see what items are cited in each citation and switch to Nature before submission.
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