can't get local library to sync online, maybe an account/sign in mixup?

On my computer, I have an extensive local library under My Library. I also have a group library I set up at an old job. I am pretty sure that my old employer has taken over admin of this group and that I am just a regular member now.
when I sign into with my personal email, which I believe is the same email I am using in my profile in my computer local zotero, I do not see My Library and all its subfolders on line.
I have tried syncing, to no avail. Then I thought about trying "reset" and overwrite web library, but got a warning that the last sync was synced to a different account (Margaret.Hobart.Phd vs Margo Hobart) and that info synced from Margaret.Hobart.Phd would be removed : I have not idea which info that is, so stopped.
I am just really confused now, and I would love to have my library synced up online. What should I try next?
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    It means what it says — that your local library was last synced with that other account, and if you continue trying to sync with the account you've entered it will delete all your local data, which is tied to the other account. If you want to use your existing local library, you need to sync with that account instead.
  • How can I find out what email is associated with that account ? and what if the email no longer exists, is there a way to export the library to my newer account? thank you for answering my question.
  • You can try to reset the password and check the email addresses you have access to.

    If you think it's an email address you no longer have access to, email with a link to this thread.

    Do not try to export data and move it between accounts.
  • dstillman, thank you for your help. I emailed support, as you suggested.
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