A file sync error occurred.

I've recently encountered an issue with zotero. First, I get the file sync error:

Please try syncing again. If you receive this message repeatedly, restart....

I'm also having problems with the Chrome extension, where I try to save a reference to my database, but the extension pane only shows the web page, not the reference nor the pdf.

I have submitted the error report to "zotero developers"
  • I sent too soon. The report ID is 904928845.
  • Sorry, this web browser is not approved for use at our company.

    Not allowed to use the browser: Firefox (60.0)
    You're connecting via a proxy server, which is blocking network connections from Zotero because it thinks they're from Firefox 60.

    Zotero is currently based on Firefox 60 under the hood — and claims to be that for site compatibility and privacy — though we're working on an update based on the current Firefox 78 release.

    You'll need to speak with your IT department about this.
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