.bib files exported from Zotero to LaTex

I cannot successfully export selected files from Zotero to latex.
I get a file that has a .bib extension but when I try to open it it asks me to import and when I do it simply duplicates many many items selected or not into Zotero but nothing into my file of files for Latex.
  • If you take a .bib file you exported from Zotero and open that with Zotero and tell it to import it, you're obviously going to end up with duplicates. If you want to do something else with the file, that's not something we can help with — it's just a BibTeX file. You can do whatever you want with it.

    You can delete duplicate items in Zotero by sorting the items list by Date Added.

    (Note that, if you're using a BibTeX workflow rather than just using BibTeX as a generic data exchange format, you probably want to use the Better BibTeX plugin.)
  • Thanks, I do wish it were just a bibtex file but I store it with its .bib extension with all the other files used by LaTeX such as graphics and actual .tex files and it still just reflects back into Zotero. It retains that link within each indiviudal item. So it doesn't have the format expected by \addbibresource{filename.bib}. I'll try Better Bib which I hunted for before and couldnt find. Thanksfor the link
  • it still just reflects back into Zotero
    I think you're misunderstanding this. It is literally just a BibTeX file. What you do with it after you export it from Zotero is entirely up to you. Zotero associates itself with .bib files by default, but you can change that or choose to open the file with some other program. That's really all there is to it.
  • It retains that link within each indiviudal item.
    I think this may refer to the file links in the .bib file? They can (and should be) ignored by standard bibtex but if they do give you trouble, then BetterBibTeX is indeed going to make things easier by allowing you to exclude fields from export.
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