Save webpage snapshot *only* when no PDF is saved

I'm aware that I can choose whether to automatically save a webpage's snapshot via Zotero's preferences. I've long had this turned off because I found it kind of annoying for saving journal articles for which a PDF was also downloaded.

I'm wondering if there's a convenient way to do one of these two things:

1. Have Zotero only save the snapshot when there is no PDF
2. Only automatically save the snapshot for items of type "Web Page"

I recognize these are not exactly the same thing, but both would basically solve my problem — which is that sometimes I want to save a webpage and it would be nice to have a snapshot in those instances.

I suspect it would probably need to be kind of hacky, but it would be useful to know whether it's theoretically possible and wouldn't take too much mucking around with Javascript or the like.
  • There has been some discussion by developers in the past to more intelligently decide when to save snapshots. It would be nice if it happened at some point.
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