Et al. only working for some cited journals but not others

Hi, I am having trouble with all of my journals in (author-date) citation form showing First author et al. form, some of them are showing all 3 authors, while others are not in Microsoft Word. However, they are showing as 'Author et al.' in my actual zotero library.
  • That depends on the citation style that you have set under Document Preferences in the Zotero pane in Word.
  • What citation style are you using?
  • I am using Chicago Manual Style 17th edition (author-date). APA
  • Sorry, kind of confused what you're asking here: Chicago Manual will list up to three authors in the text, so if that's happening, that's correct.
    There's no reason et al. should be the same in your Zotero library and in a paper (as damnation says, this depends on the citation style)
    Could you provide sample citations that you think are incorrect together with their bibliography entries?
  • Sorry I didn't know Chicago Manual will list 3 authors -- I've only ever cited with IEEE format. The journal I am looking to submit to requires author date format instead of numbers -- is there a different citing style that will do author date without going up to 3 authors?I do see what you mean now. Only the citations who lists more than three authors show as et al. upon further investigation.

    I am also having issues with random first names or initials.

    For example,
    Gutierrez-Wing, Maria Teresa, Ronald F. Malone, and Kelly A. Rusch. 2012. “Evaluation of Polyhydroxybutyrate as a Carbon Source for Recirculating Aquaculture Water Denitrification.” Aquacultural Engineering 51 (November): 36–43.
    Shows as (Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, Malone, and Rusch 2012) even though in the zotero application it says "Gutierrez-Wing et al." is the author.

  • What journal is it?
  • is there a different citing style that will do author date without going up to 3 authors
    There are 100s, yes. We would want to know the journal, for sure, but if you really want to you can also just scroll through the list here: and look for the Hisakata et al. citation, which has exactly 3 authors.
  • I figured out my issues, thanks so much to you all for your help!
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