Trying to build the Zotero Connector as a Safari Web Extension for Big Sur

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  • I have tried to use the new Safari Web Extensions framework ( to build a native Zotero Connector extension in macOS Big Sur. I don't know if there are any advantages to using their approach over the current system used by the Zotero team, but I think it might be worth investigating.

    However, currently, the extension as built using the steps outlined in Apple's documentation doesn't work. I used the `xcrun safari-web-extension-converter` tool to convert the Chrome extension into a Safari Web Extension, and it gave me the following errors/warnings:

    Warning: The following keys in your manifest.json are not supported by your current version of Safari. If these are critical to your extension, you should review your code to see if you need to make changes to support Safari:

    I have Big Sur running on a development machine, and I'm willing to do any testing/developement the team may need towards building the extension for Big Sur.
  • Cool! Also, those warnings don't mean the project doesn't build in XCode. It does, with no errors, but the extension does nothing in Safari. Possibly related to the `applications` and `management` manifest keys.
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