[New Feature Suggestion] New Item Type: DATABASE

When I save a database (such as: ConsensusPathDB) to Zotero, the item was saved as a web page. Shell we add a new item type, database, in the next version? Thank you.
  • There will be a dataset item type which should cover databases pretty well. Note that the existence of an item type does not guarantee items are imported correctly, though. In fact, most databases will likely continue to import as webpages and you'd need to manually modify the citation.
  • Yes, definitely need a "database" or "dataset" Item Type, please
  • In the latest verson of Zotero (v.6.0.8), I'm afarid I can't find any "dataset" or "database" items in the type menu.
    (Maybe that's because I'm a Chinese version user and the item didn't be localization properly?)
  • No, you are not missing anything. The new item type has not yet been added to Zotero... it is expected to happen at some point in the future but the Zotero team generally avoids promises about the timing of new features.
  • Alright... thank you for your reply, anyway.
    I found that there are hundreds of issues in the GitHub repo, that't toooooooooo many and it indeed to make the Zotero team to deal with.
    Thank you all for your contribution!
  • Yes! Also I need "standard" item type!
    Hope every common item type could be found in the menu.
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