Users are able to edit Read-only groups, but cannot sync [resolved]

edited July 19, 2020
Hello all,

We've got some libraries that are shared with users as 'read-only' - it seems that users can edit such groups, though if they do so, the group doesn't sync.

That kinda surprised me, as I had assumed that they would not be able to edit (and that of course they would continue sync'ing).

  • Yes, they shouldn't be able to edit the groups locally if they don't have write access online. Usually when this happens it's because they made changes to the groups before the permissions were changed and the permissions change was synced down. If that's not the case, that'd be a bug, and we'd want to see a Debug ID for a sync attempt that triggered the error.
  • I'll watch out for this - I couldn't guarantee that the permissions weren't changed. So the most likely explanation is that this is the reason! Many thanks for clearing this up!
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