Feature Request in Zotero Connectors : Highlight Google Scholar webpage if stored in Zotero

Since my library is continuously gets larger, I'm impossible to remember specific paper has already stored in my Zotero library. Sometimes, my library is agonized by redundant duplicated items.
To prevent this, I propose Google Scholar Highlighter. Which highlights google scholar search result and show additional informations(zotero tag, collection name).

I think that this feature make my life much easier.

If this feature is not yet implement in official Zotero Connectors repository, can I add it ? I'm willing to contribute to the repository.

  • We get a more general request to either prevent saving duplicates or highlight a duplicate when saving in the progress window, which is something we want, but haven't considered yet what the best way to add the feature would be.
  • +1, this would be a vastly useful feature!
  • @adomasven What I'm proposing is highlighting on webpage itself, not on Zotero's component. Like this way : https://addons.mozilla.org/mn/firefox/addon/highlight-google-ads/

    If this functionality doesn't fit for Zotero Connectors, I'll develop it with standalone project.
  • This is exactly what I am looking for. I want google scholar to highlight entries that are not in my zotero database. Then I can focus on these new items efficiently and make sure I don't miss anything that belongs to the related work of the topic I am interested in.
  • @paganinist We are unlikely to offer highlighting like this specifically for google scholar in the Connectors themselves, but any third-party extensions to Zotero functionality are welcome. Feel free to post on zotero-dev mailing list if you have any technical questions https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/zotero-dev
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