DOI for book chapters?

FYI: I came across a book chapter with a DOI and noticed that Zotero Book Chapter doesn't have a field for it. Perhaps it should.
  • You can add it to Extra like this:
    DOI: 10.1234/56789

    That will get picked up by citation styles, and it will be migrated to a proper DOI field when one is available. If you save this item to your library using the Zotero browser connector, it will save the DOI like this.
  • Is there an update on this?
  • My answer above applies
  • What if the URL is something like, will that get automatically pulled into DOI as well?
  • @scottseagroves As I understand:
    - If you import from the Zotero Connector, it will recognize the chapter and add the correct DOI of the chapter in the Extra field, as mentioned by @bwiernik . This is the recommended way to add missing fields, as Zotero currently does not support DOI for books or book sections: see "Citing Fields from Extra" in
    I understand that the translators are then able to overcome this limitation and move the DOI to the correct field when exporting.
    - If you import from the DOI in Zotero with "Add Item(s) by Identifier", then (in this case) it imports the full book (DOI: 10.1017/9781316823279) instead of the book section.

  • Add by Identifier will import whatever the publisher provides to the DOI registrar. Most chapters import correctly. If one doesn’t, that should be reported to the publisher
  • A naïve query from Crossref suggests that the metadata looks good -> "type":"book-chapter"
    Incentive Motivation
    Book Chapter published 14 Feb 2019 in The Cambridge Handbook of Motivation and Learning on pages 163 to 182
    Authors: Patrick Anselme, Mike J. F. Robinson

    Metadata lookup from Mendeley -> Type = Book Section
    Anselme, P., & Robinson, M. J. F. (2019). Incentive Motivation. In The Cambridge Handbook of Motivation and Learning (pp. 163–182). Cambridge University Press.

    Metadata lookup from Zotero -> Item Type = Book
    Renninger, K. A., & Hidi, S. E. (2019). The Cambridge Handbook of Motivation and Learning (1st ed.). Cambridge University Press.

    Could you have a look into this to identify where the import is failing for Zotero?
    Using Zotero 6.0.12-beta.2+fc0f6157d on Windows 10.
  • (This looks like a new way to specify chapters in CrossRef UnixRef @AbeJellinek this would be good to take a look at, potentially fairly broad implications -- I'm happy to advise, but I won't have time to work on this in the near future likely)
  • @adamsmith: I'll take a look, thanks.
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