A button to go back to "my Library" when searching

I have found that I will often start a search (simple) within a collection, as this will already narrow down the results. However, when I don't find what I want, I would like to go back and search the whole library (or a different collection). What happens in Zotero is that once I have typed my search word into the simple search box, while being within a collection, Zotero will show the found references. If I then click on "My library" or any other collection, the search disappears and I have to type it again. Sounds like nothing much, but with some foreign (for me) author names, years and perhaps some words int he title, this is not as easy or rapid.
I cannot really see a reason why Zotero would not retain the search when switching collections. So one easy solution would be just to retain. The search box could get a coloured background to indicate that what one sees is a search result.
Another solution (which is used by a competing platform), when searching within a collection, is to show a button beside the search field labelled "search in all collections" or just "my library".
Actually I would find the solution to simply retain the search when switching collections much more useful.
But perhaps I have missed something and a workaround is existing ?
  • I have talked to a couple of colleagues about this problem, and they all agree that being able to go from a simple search in a collection to the whole library would be appreciable.
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