Merging duplicates fields

I have been trying to clean my database. And when cleaning up duplicates, I have a problem which makes the cleaning very slow : the Zotero system is very efficient for most fields, I just need to select which is the master copy and then chose for the "problem" fields which to take, one or the other. However for some fields a real merger would be interesting, for example "Abstract" and "Extra" : in both fields I often get different information, but I would like to retain both with a click, even if I would have some editing to do later. I the moment I have to select only one (with CTRL click), copy the fields that need merging into a text editor, get back to merging, merge, search the reference (which has now disappeared for the list, oh no, I should have noted author, title and year to find it again), and copy paste the missing data. If there could be an option not only to select on or the other, but merge, putting the master copy first, this would really speed up the process.
  • I agree, I've also been wanting an option to merge the Extra field. Does anyone know if there is an existing Github issue tracking this request that I can follow?
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