Google Docs - moving items between word processors

Hello all,

This is super-helpful:

I noticed that the code inserted by the transfer function is this:

ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID": ....}

This doesn't seem to have an 'end' marker, which means that the json would need to be parsed to determine the end of the insertion. (Am I right in this?)

Though I wonder whether the insertion is guaranteed to end in "]]}}}]}"? Or are there more complex cases there this is not the case?

(I suppose more generally itwould be amazing if there was an option to have an 'end' marker. For example, something like {"citationID": ....}

I sometimes insert little-used UTF characters, say γ€Š...》or ⁅...⁆ or similar to create beginning/end markers that I need to parse later. Of course, here we only need an end-marker.

Though, if the citations always end in "]]}}}]}" then that would work for me.)

Many thanks!

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