OSF permissions

When linking Zotero to an Open Science Frameworks (OSF) project, do other contributors/viewers have access to edit the contents of the shared collections or are their permissions limited to viewing/copying? The reason I ask is because while I'm happy to share my collections, I don't necessarily want to give permissions to others to edit the contents.
  • You can check the API key generated for OSF at https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys but at least the ones I created a while back don't have a write flag, i.e. would indeed be read only, which would also make sense in terms of how OSF uses Zotero libraries.
  • (to check permissions you'd click on "Edit key" for the Open Science Framework key and check if the third box from the top, Allow write access, is checked. You want it to be unchecked)
  • Thank-you! I'll check that now.
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