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does anyone know of a Zotero Plugin for linking items by their citation relationship? There is a plugin which allows items to be related in a general sense. But I can't seem to specify the kind of relationship. for example item "a" references "b" or "c" references "a".
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    There is a plugin which allows items to be related in a general sense.
    That's just a built-in feature of Zotero. (Zutilo provides an additional way to set them.)

    I don't believe there are any plugins that do more than that, though those sorts of improved relations have been discussed often and will likely happen at some point.
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    Where is that discussion taking place?

    In my work these are the additional relationships that I would find useful:

    1. Documents within the container (a book record linking to chapters, or an article linking to supplemental material, or an archive collection linking to manuscripts, etc.) These would be two way relationships (bi-directional or unidirectional)

    2. Documents citing this item. This has an inverse relationship of Documents cited by this item.

    A special case of #2 is the Review: being able to link reviews to books would be very helpful.

    3. The same document but another version (for example first edition and second edition, or pre-print and printed version)

    4. Custom directional relationship; Custom unidirectional relationship
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