Style Request: AGORA

Link to online style documentation: (should be in English)

ISSN Online: 1500-1571 ISSN Print: 0800-7136

In-text citation:
Only footnotes, no in-text citation.

NO bibliography in this journal, only footnotes.

Footnotes (full details first time, less details the following times, copy "Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)", Norwegian/norsk bokmål)

John L. Campbell og Ove K. Pedersen, «The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success», i Comparative Political Studies 40:3, 2007.

Isabela Mares, «Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers?», i Peter A Hall og David Soskice, Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage. New York: Oxford University Press 2001.

Paper with this style: (style is not followed 100%).

Note: « » instead of " "
Note: Norwegian instead of English; in = i, and = og.
Note: No page numbers from Zotero in the footnotes, only manually applied ones (specific pages), these should be placed at the very end of the string: (...) Comparative Political Studies 40:3, 2007, 314.
Note: Journal names in cursive (see the author guide linked at the top)
Note: Book titles in cursive
Note: short style should be used after the first full footnote citation (Chicago full note style)
Note: no DOI/URL's
Note: no full dates for books/articles/chapters, only years.

If I was able to do this myself, I would base this style off of Chicago full-note 17th edition, it is available in Norwegian/norsk language.
  • edited 8 days ago

    Had a quick stab at the style.
    1. There will be some remnants of French stuff in the style. (style was low quality and used hard-coded translations and not the inbuilt terms that get translated automatically)
    2. If you need adapations for any of the scandi languages, you'll need to let me know. Wasn't sure which language they mainly publish in.

    For any changes you need, please be very clear. Thanks.
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