Style Request: Historical Materialism (Brill)

I'd really appreciate it if someone could create the style for the Historical Materialism journal from Brill.

It appears fairly similar to the author-date Chicago style, but with some changes as shown in the url and examples below, such as no punctuation between the author(s) and date, a comma after the date and title, single quotation marks for everything, and the volume/issue as shown.


Print Only ISSN: 1465-4466

Online ISSN: 1569-206X


Footnote citation:

1 Campbell and Pedersen 2007, p. [reference].

2 Mares 2001, p. [reference].

Campbell, John L. and Ove K. Pedersen 2007, ‘The Varieties of Capitalism and Hybrid Success’, Comparative Political Studies, 40, 3: 307–32. [Comment: name of the journal should be in italics]

Mares, Isabela 2001, ‘Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?’, in Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, edited by Peter A Hall and David Soskice, New York: Oxford University Press. [Comment: name of the book should be in italics]

An example paper that contains references and footnotes:

Thank you for your help!

  • Hi @marxizard
    Just looking into this.
    While the guidelines and your examples show a footnote style, the actual articles seem to use a numeric [1] style.
    This could be just the .html version of the article and that's why we go by properly typeset papers (in .pdf format) to create the style. But unfortunately this journal doesn't offer pdfs.
    A clarification of this would be necessary.
  • Found a HM-Brill book from a few years ago that should serve as a good reference. If more are needed, let me know if Sci-hub/Libgen are permitted and I can provide more through those.
  • Thank you so much! This looks really good, with only a handful of issues I can find.

    The formatting for the journal issue # is off, as, for example, I get
    Benston, Margaret 1969, ‘The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation’, Monthly Review, 21(4), 13–27.

    instead of
    Benston, Margaret 1969, ‘The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation’, Monthly Review, 21, 4: 13–27.

    The formatting for editors, translators, and indicating a book's volume # are off as well. For editors, I got the wrong formatting and an extra comma:
    Bhattacharya, Tithi, ed. 2017, Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping Class, Recentring Oppression, London: Pluto Press.

    vs. the correct formatting:
    Bhattacharya, Tithi (ed.) 2017, Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping Class, Recentring Oppression, London: Pluto Press.

    It appears that (ed.)/(eds.) should appear in footnotes too, which for this would be
    Bhattacharya (ed.) 2017.

    For translator and volume number, it generated:
    Bloch, Marc 1961, Feudal Society, Trans. L. A. Manyon, Vol. 1, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    rather than
    Bloch, Marc 1961, Feudal Society Volume 1, translated by L. A. Manyon, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. ['Volume 1' is not italicized]

    And finally, all footnotes should end with a period.

    That's all I see, but if I find anything else I'll let you know. Again, I really appreciate this.
  • Let's number these issues, as this is very hard to differentiate.

    1. issue number:
    I adapted the style to fit the example paper. Often times guidelines are outdated and I tend to stick to the actual papers.

    2. contributors/editors: fixed label; added to footnote authors

    3. book volume: changed

    4. footnote: dot added
  • Ah, good point on the example differing from the guidelines. I hadn't noticed; that's annoying. Unfortunately it looks like it has changed again, as a more recent book as well as the online paper I linked initially ( display the format like this:

    Grossmann, Henryk 2016 [1932], ‘The Value-Price Transformation in Marx and the Crisis Problem’, translated by David Meienreis, in Historical Materialism, 24, 1: 105–34.


    Note that the Brill link doesn't display italics while the pdf correctly does. Let's use this as the definitive format as the online paper is from the latest journal issue; I'm not sure why they've changed it so recently.

    So, going by this, here's what's left to fix:

    1. Comma before issue number with no parentheses.

    2. Colon before page numbers.

    3. #2 is true for chapters in edited volumes as well, which should display page numbers. They do not currently.

    ex. for #3:
    Moseley, Fred 2014, ‘The Universal and the Particular in Hegel’s Logic and Marx’s Capital’, in Fred Moseley and Tony Smith (eds.), Marx’s Capital and Hegel’s Logic (2014): 115–39.

    Looks good otherwise; thanks again for your help.
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