"Cloned" Zotero Library


As of this morning, my Zotero libary has duplicated itself. Namely, in "My Library" I now have all my folders in two consecutive sequence. Content is exactly the same. I have no idea how this happened. I started deleting folders in the second series, but I realized that once a folder has been deleted, the same folder in the first sequence (right below "My Library") actually loses all its sub-folders (collections) and all the entries are regrouped under the main folder. Any advice on how to address this issue? And is there any way to restore a previous version of My Library. Unfortunately, the standalone library and the online library have synched and I cannot move back in time. Thanks in advance.
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    We haven't seen this, but that sounds like a visual bug that would've been fixed by restarting Zotero. You should be able to restore the deleted collection from one of your last automatic backups.
  • Thanks. You are right. It was a visual bug, but since I deleted some files, the impact, unfortunately, was no just visual. Nothing catastrophic, but I lost a few folders. And these is no way to go back in time. Best.
  • There's absolutely a way to go back, but you likely would've had to have done it at the time. Did you try the last automatic backup, as I suggested? You can check the dates of the backup files to see if they've since been overwritten.
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