Names of collections don't represent the nesting in Citavi after importing from XML

Hello Zotero-Community :-)

After recently discovering Zotero i have been trying to import my library from Citavi using the unzipped XML backup file and following the recommended steps from the documentation (

The items themselves are importet correctly for the most part, but i'm having some issues with the collections. I'm aware of the documentation stating, that even when importing from an XML file, nested collection will not be nested anymore in Zotero (which is a bummer :'( ). The documentation however also says that, in case of an import from the XML backup file, "the numbers for the collections names should represent the nesting and adjusting this then manually should be easy" (

This is unfortunately only partly the case, when i try to import from the XML file. Only for about 1/5 of all collections, the name of the collection includes the Number of the nesting in citavi. For all other collections, the name of the collection is exactly equal to the name of the collection in Citavi without also containing the Number or any other indication with regards to the nesting in Citavi (in Citavis-terms they are called "category"). This means, that ca 4/5 of the collections are sorted in Zotero by alphabetical order. Manually reestablishing the Category-System from Citavi in Zotero will already be a decent amount of work, but without any indication to the original nesting, it will be a lot more of a hassle.

I would really appreciate any tips and ideas on how to possibly solve this issue :-)

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