Any plans to allow users to create new reference types or fields?

Are there any plans to add the capability for users to create new reference types or new fields within reference types?
  • In the medium term yes. Citation of them is more tricky. what exactly are your needs?
  • My team would like to create new reference types, e.g., white paper/policy statement; legal rule/regulation; government document. We would also like to add or rename fields within existing reference types (e.g., adding ISSN/ISBN to the reports reference type)
  • For white papers and government documents, use Report and indicate the type of document in Report Type.

    You can add fields like ISSN and ISBN to Extra like this:
    ISSN: 1234-567X

    They will get picked up by citation styles.

    A Standard item type will be included in a forthcoming update to Zotero/CSL update.
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