no of pages in book

How do I get the number of pages in a book to show in the bibliography when they have been entered in the info screen?
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    That depends on the citation style you are using. Most styles do not have that programmed in. Which style are you using?

    2 options for you:
    1. You choose a different citation style that has it.
    2. You edit the current citation style, if you need to stick to the style you're using.
  • Thanks for that.

    I use Chicago Manual of style so would prefer to edit. Sorry, I'm a complete ignoramus; how do I edit the style?
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    I can help. Which of the many Chicago styles are you using and where and how do you want the number of pages to appear exactly. Please provide an example.
  • Thanks damnation,

    Chicago 17th ed full note.

    ANGUS, Chris. The Gods of Laki: A Thriller. New York: Yucca Publishing, 2015.

    I'm waiting for my supervisor to get back to me, but I should think, comma after 2015, followed by page nos.
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