Zotero refuses to find and/or safe PDF

With Zotero local client I had never an issue with saving PDF. Now I'm using Zotero cloud and sometimes Zotero refuse to find and/or save the PDF file. Even the option of adding an PDF file saved on the local disc isn't available.

For instance:

A functional glutamatergic neurone network in the medial septum and diagonal band area


I have it in my local library. I can only transfer the metadata into the Zotero Cloud Groups, there is no way to transfer/add the PDF.
  • What do you mean by "Zotero cloud"? Just the web version of the library? Or are you referring to adding files to items in groups?
  • Yes, the web version of the library, a server otherwise called "cloud".

    I cannot save (nor can I copy) or upload the PDF file to the "Group Libraries" in the local client, nor can I upload the PDF file to the "Group Library" in the web version.
  • Some of your groups have file editing disabled.
  • Thanks a lot, I missed that.
  • It didn't work just in one library, so it was very confusing. Now everything is working properly.
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