Screen Reader reading article metadata in-text

Hi all,

I'm a doc student and my advisor is blind. He uses Jaws for Windows as a screen reader and we've recently run into a problem. In our latest round of papers that I've shared with him, Jaws is reading up to two minutes of article metadata (full abstracts, date accessed, etc.) from simple in-text citations.

For example, I send him a word doc with an in-text citation from Zotero that appears to me as a normal (Author, date) but when he accesses it, it reads him all the metadata associated with that citation, as if it was embedded within the paper.

He's urging me to switch to EndNote but I really don't want to so hopefully there's some quick fix!

Thanks for any insight.

  • Two possibilities, and neither is a problem in Zotero:

    1) His Word is displaying field codes instead of the field text. Send him that support page, or ask him to send you a screenshot of a section of the document with citations so you can confirm whether it's currently displaying codes or text.

    2) There's a bug in the screen reader causing it to read field codes instead of the text.

    Either way, this would be the same with EndNote or any other program. All similar programs store data in Word documents the same way (though the amount of data stored might vary). It'd even be the same with something like a date inserted by Word as a Word field.
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