OpenOffice plug-in: Add citation: search by author only

Hi. There might be some way to do this already that I haven't found, or it might only be a problem in OpenOffice...'s not really a problem at all, as such. But when I add a citation in OpenOffice, while it's great that I can search the full text of all my articles to find the exact reference I'm looking for, to be honest I don't think I've ever actually had to use that functionality. If I wasn't sure which specific article I wanted to cite I'd probably want to look it up in my actual Zotero library first and double-check that I had the right one. And like most people in academia, I imagine, I usually remember the authors of articles better than I remember their titles.

So pretty much every time I go to add a citation in OpenOffice, I know exactly which article I want and I know the first author's name. Usually I just scroll down till I find it, but with a huge library this is a pain - and also I'd prefer to use the mouse as little as necessary. So in theory I could search for the author, but if this author is cited in lots of my other articles, this brings up too many results (must say though, I like how these other articles come up in grey - nice touch!). Also, my computer is a slow piece of junk, and searching the full text of my entire Zotero library takes it some time.

So - and sorry it's taken me so long to get this question out - any chance of a function where you could search only by author, just by pressing the first letter of the first author's name, without searching the full text of every article?

  • OK, sorry, I'm an idiot. Please ignore that. Just realised that by clicking on one entry and typing a letter, I can go straight to that letter in the alphabetical listing of authors. I thought I'd already tried that. Sorry. Nothing needs changing, Zotero's perfect, you guys are great, keep up the good work, thanks, sorry.
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