Add-ons menu & plugins disabled following 5.0.88 update

Any ideas why the menu option and plugins, together with Generate Report and Create Timeline, ceased functioning - and how to fix? If useful, below is the Error Console report generated post-5.0.88 update.

Thanks much,

  • Can you provide a Report ID?
  • Report ID: 1370943510 (duplicates earlier reports submitted w/o providing ID, sorry).

    Thanks again.
  • Can you test with all plugins disabled?
  • Report ID: 1712056511 is Zotero running in Safe mode. The menu option for Add-ons is greyed-out in both modes.
  • Can you take a screenshot that shows what you're seeing, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here?
  • And we'd want to see a Report ID with the extensions actually disabled, not from Safe Mode.

    (Note that your version of Zotero Report Customizer, 5.0.22, is far behind the current version.)
  • How can I disable and/or update the extensions in the Stand-alone without access to the Add-ons vial the Tools menu ?
  • Close Zotero, go into your Zotero profile directory, and move all extensions.* files to a folder on your desktop.
  • Report ID: 1275311614 is Zotero running moving the extension file + folder to the desktop.

    Also, what I'm seeing is the standard Zotero GUI. All other menu option work normally except add-ons, Reports, and Timeline.
  • Report ID: 2020763246 - no errors, following deletion of Firefox cache and reboot of Win x64.

    Thanks for your assistance, esp. on 4th of July (such as it is . . .)\

  • We've never seen this, but you should test whether it's different in a new Zotero profile.
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