zotero://select doesn't find merged item

This discussion was created from comments split from: Links from other tools into Zotero.
  • I just discovered the "Zotero Select" links. I noticed that when I merge two items in zotero, one of the "Zotero Select" links stops working. I thought that the merge function keeps the "Zotero Select" links intact so that both links point to the newly merged item. Is there any workaround for this so I can still find the zotero item once the original items are merged?

  • This doesn't happen now, but we could consider redirecting those after merging.
  • This would be super helpful! Also, how do citations in a Word document behave when a duplicate is merged? I always assumed that the merge ensures that the link to the zotero item is retained.
  • Yes merging ensures the link is retained in Word documents and collections
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